The original goal for this project was to create a town within a town with a library at its core. This is meant to symbolize a dendrite, with the library representing knowledge and the additional wings representing the extension of knowledge. A Library Among the Gardens utilizes a campus-style layout in order to make the most of its environment. By spreading the program across the entire site, the negative effects of sun, wind, and other elements are minimized. The 8 buildings then act as frames for a collection of gardens and reflecting pools. The buildings are connected by transparent corridors (or bridges) that allow the clearest view of the gardens and pools. In plan, the project is a field diagram at many scales: buildings, bridges, light-wells, gardens, pools, and outdoor gathering spaces. The formal strategy makes use of uniquely-shaped roofs that act as light-wells inside. The metal-fin cladding creates a seam that runs from the floor to the roof. This is meant to be read as one continuous material, rather than a building with a roof. The spacing between seams is varied in order to add depth and more texture. The glazing is meant to be read as if the cladding is being peeled away in places where the view is most important. Typically this glazing frames a garden, reflecting pool, or both. The structural system is post-and-beam that is embedded within the walls. The ceiling is supported by a custom wood truss with an infill of framing joists. A majority of the wooden structure is dimensional lumber, and the exposed wood flooring is CLT. All-in-all, A Library Among the Gardens is most importantly a culmination of gardens, pools, and skylights.

hybrid drawing: Section Perspective

site plan

perspective of building relationship to garden and reflecting pool

floor plans

aerial perspective highlighting bridge connections

exploded isometric (left) and exterior perspectives (right)

structure diagram of one of the 8 buildings

detailed section + elevation fragment

hybrid drawing: section perspective

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